Use Society in a Sentence & How to use “Society” in a sentence


Use Society in a sentence. How to use the word Society in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Society.

Use Society in a Sentence - How to use "Society" in a sentence


Examples of Society in a sentence

  1. Historically, our society has had a weak vision of euthanasia.
  2. Ancient Egypt society placed considerable emphasis upon literature.
  3. In that tribal society, where personal and tribal influence counted for much more than physical or numerical strength, the equilibrium could easily be restored if people of the correct caliber presented themselves.
  4. in addition, Vonnegut uses black humor to expose the absurdity of society.
  5. So far I have refrained from commenting on the possible effects of the Human Genome Project on society in the future.
  6. Therefore, the exclusive point of sale is to follow the new type path of ecoindustrialization and build an abstemious society.
  7. When a venerable Saudi cleric in the holy city of Mecca challenges a central pillar of Saudi society, it is great news.
  8. Its founder, Dayanand Saraswati (1824-1883), established the movement’s first society in Bombay in 1875.
  9. Rejecting post-Vedic Hinduism, the Arya Samaj (meaning “society of the Aryans”) takes its theology from the Vedas, which are considered to contain ultimate revelations, including the basis for scientific discoveries.
  10. It accepts the doctrines of karma and rebirth, though they are not Vedic; it also accepts the fourfold division of society.
  11. He was elected to the Royal Society in 1727.
  12. The abolitionist movement took formal shape in 1833, when William Lloyd Garrison, Arthur and Lewis Tappan, and a group of businessmen formed the American Anti-Slavery Society in Philadelphia.
  13. In addition, legislative debates on human cloning raise questions about the relationship between science and society, especially about whether society can or should exercise ethical and prudential control over biomedical technology and the performance of biomedical research.
  14. The Knight system is rooted in the superstratum society of mid-century Europe.
  15. Silver is a sign of power and strength in our modern society, it is still an essential means for exercising power over others (both in business and in love).

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