Social in a sentence

How to use the word Social in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Social.

Examples of Social in a sentence

1. Naturally, social functions should be kept to a minimum.

2. There are social priorities and pressing pressures to carry out child protection policies.

3. The net benefit of living, social books certainly seems convincing.

4. But not all social responses result in a sociable congregation.

5. Their only salvation is that they were probably an impulse towards social reform.

6. Antoinette du Ligier de la Garde Deshoulières (1638-1694), French poet and social leader.

7. Besides helping to advance Keynesianism—the views of John Maynard Keynes —into the New Economics, he helped to join economic theory to current public needs and democratic social goals.

8. His unfailingly serious subject matter often gains dramatic intensity from conflicts within individuals, in which enobling visions of personal integrity may be pitted against human weaknesses and outside pressures, either social, political, or economic.

9. The central problem of the series, only partially resolved, was integration of a mass of facts regarding social, economic, and intellectual development —virtually all phases of American history not encompassed by political history.

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