Use So in a Sentence – How to use “So” in a sentence


Use so in a sentence. How to use the word so in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word so. How to use “so” with example sentences

Use So in a Sentence - How to use "So" in a sentence


Examples of so in a sentence

  1. *** But to do so, he had to provide a copy of his passport, certified by a lawyer or accountant.
  2. *** The movie was so boring that I fell asleep in the middle of it.
  3. *** The movie was so boring that I fell asleep.
  4. *** All the questions so far have been related to hypnotherapy in general, whether the regression is part of that treatment or not.
  5. *** Both symptoms were due to thyrotoxicosis, so treatment with antithyroid medication led to the regression of gynecomastia and hypokalemic paralysis, as well as the remission of thyrotoxic symptoms.
  6. *** There are few writers for whom the reader feels as much personal kindness as Oliver Goldsmith, since few have so eminently possessed the magical gift of identifying with their writings.
  7. *** These deeds are kept anonymous so that they can be consulted by the investigators.
  8. *** Sometimes, the original abortion was performed so badly that the uterus prolapsed.
  9. *** The furniture had not arrived, so we were using boxes as seats.
  10. *** We loved the food so much, especially the fish dishes.
  11. *** The food was so sparse that she was genuinely concerned that her two babies might have scurvy.
  12. *** However, so strong was the belief in a static universe that persisted until the beginning of the 20th century.
  13. *** He fixed it so that we could enter with aperns and stained glass windows.
  14. *** Inside, everything was as usual, except there was more Coca Cola and not so much Moxie and root beer and birch beer and sarsaparilla.
  15. *** You may be surprised that a simple Windows program requires so much coding.
  16. *** A storm is coming, so let’s close the hatches.

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