Use Snake in a Sentence, How to use “Snake” in a sentence


Use Snake in a sentence. How to use the word Snake in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Snake.

use snake in a sentence

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Definition of Snake

Snakes are long, legless, carnivorous reptiles of the suborder Serpentes. Like all squamates, snakes are ectothermic, vertebrate amniotes are covered by overlapping scales.


Examples of Snake in a sentence

  1. I backed away horrified from the snake.
  2. I was screaming something about seeing a snake.
  3. A snake slipped in our path.
  4. The snake disappeared through a hole.
  5. Westerners refuse at the prospect of a snake on the menu.
  6. The snake curled up in the long grass.
  7. She recoiled hastily when she saw a snake on the road.
  8. ​​They watched in horrified fascination as the snake approached.
  9. If you are bothered or cornered, the snake will defend itself.
  10. No snake is known to habitually attack humans unless it is threatened with life.
  11. I did not really mean that my associate is a snake; it was just a way of speaking.
  12. She was bitten by a snake while walking through the long grass.
  13. The snake hissed and attacked me, but I remained motionless, and then it was dragged away.
  14. The snake injects the poison immediately after biting its prey.
  15. A snake writhed on the wet road.
  16. The snake that swallows its tail is a representation of infinity.
  17. The farmer cut the snake with a stick.
  18. A snake slides silently towards us.
  19. That snake on the grass informed the chief.
  20. They kept the whiskey to protect themselves against the snake bicycle.
  21. But Parikshit reigned in Hastinapura 60 years. He died from the bite of a snake.
  22. “Why,–why,–there was a snake in the road, I believe,–wasn’t there, grandmother?”
  23. Ten seconds later, a snake like neck uncoiled and straightened while an opened pair of shears, with lightning speed descended into the water.

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