Use Small in a Sentence – How to use “Small” in a sentence


Use small in a sentence. How to use the word small in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word small. How to use “small” with example sentences

Use Small in a Sentence - How to use "Small" in a sentence


Examples of small in a sentence

  1. *** Although it is a small mammal, the closest relative to the anteater that eats ants is the elephant.
  2. *** Using a small brush, he removed the fine sawdust.
  3. *** Difficult stains can be removed using a small amount of detergent.
  4. *** They have a small nest hidden somewhere for a rainy day.
  5. *** At the bottom of the wall, and completely sealed by it, was a small chimney.
  6. *** He put small prawns of brine and brine seaweed in an eternal cosmos.
  7. *** The small restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere.
  8. *** the shrimp, the anemones and the fragile stars dominate, but their number is scarce, their biomass is small.
  9. *** the shrimp have a size for canning in large, medium and small.
  10. *** Foinavon pounced on the jumps and appearing on the small fences of the school became a daily routine.
  11. *** Further down on the island, small picturesque villages hide in the countryside.
  12. *** This is a small historic city with narrow winding streets, in the middle of some of the most picturesque landscapes.
  13. *** Rent a small house in the picturesque old town.
  14. *** Pack the claw and flesh of the body in alternate layers in small fireproof containers.
  15. *** Small objects of financial and sentimental value should never be left in the house unless a good safe is installed.
  16. *** However, each drop, indistinguishable from all the others, left a small deposit of sensation, experience and feeling.
  17. *** Consequently, the idea that the Big Bang was small “is misleading.
  18. *** The idea came to her to improve the accompaniment with small trills and flourishes.
  19. *** The names of the small towns around Valence sound like bells that force you to go and look at them.
  20. *** Savio, a shy man who stuttered before small groups, was fascinating and compelling when he spoke with thousands of people.

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