Use Six in a Sentence, How to use “Six” in a sentence


Use Six in a sentence. How to use the word Six in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Six. Sentence for Six.

Use Six in a Sentence - How to use "Six" in a sentence

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Definition of Six

equivalent to the product of two and three; one more than five or four less than ten; 6


Examples of Six in a sentence

  1. After the egg has been fertilized, it will hatch in about six weeks.
  2. I got up at six this morning.
  3. I have been working since six this morning.
  4. I tried to get up at six this morning.
  5. As a lead attorney, you can expect a six-figure salary.
  6. The sheer size of the mansion has compounded the search for six missing people, an official says.
  7. Do not administer to children under six years of age, pregnant women or people with high blood pressure, heart failure or diabetes.
  8. Six rows of trumpeters and drums applaud, play and sway from side to side in the accompaniment.
  9. When the lime is off, add six gallons of water and boil up to two gallons.
  10. The jury of six people unanimously determined that Lozano had misused his weapon.
  11. Six countries voted for the change, five voted against and two abstained.
  12. The mother of seven daughters and four sons—only six of her children survived her—she managed her household finances shrewdly, though not with-out accusations of sharp practices.
  13. The instrument may have six or more pairs of strings.
  14. Among 241 persons that were inoculated, there were only six deaths from smallpox.
  15. its highly intoxicating effect caused it to be banned in Switzerland in 1908 and in France six years later.
  16. Six miles west is Onogawa, noted for its hot springs.
  17. All are under six years old.
  18. When the surface of the body is injured and blood escapes in normal persons, the blood coagulates into a solid mass within five or six minutes, and in this way seals the wound.

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