Use Since in a Sentence, How to use “Since” in a sentence


Use since in a sentence. Sentence for since. How to use the word since in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word since. How to use “since” with example sentences.

Use Since in a Sentence - How to use "Since" in a sentence


Examples of since in a sentence

  1. *** Since his writing captured the wit and originality so characteristic of his personality, his informal essays have survived the ephemeral fate of mere journalism.
  2. *** And, in fact, since the birth of quantum mechanics, some physicists have offered alternative interpretations of their equations that aim to get rid of this indeterminism.
  3. *** Hunting statistics can be misleading, since they only record the animals actually captured by the hunters.
  4. *** This can be an advantage, since with the accompaniment design in mind, the melody will probably have a more appropriate shape.
  5. *** Particularly important are his convincing interviews with eyewitnesses, since there are still those who believe that the Holocaust never happened.
  6. *** Since the reform and opening, the growth rate of the garment industry and the market dilate the strength are convincing.
  7. *** Since euthanasia is politically correct, prosecutors are often unwilling to press charges.
  8. *** Tintas International has been affiliated with International Paint since 1926, while Supertintas was a more recent acquisition, in 1984.
  9. *** It is certainly appropriate that this should happen, since almost all the members of the congregation contributed in some way to the result.
  10. *** Since I was not a registered reader, I needed Diane’s signature on a xerox form.
  11. *** Venerable Chao Hwei argued that allowing this injustice to continue is not compassionate, since we are not doing anything to help these beings alleviate their suffering.
  12. *** This is particularly so in inffammatory conditions, since certain adrenal steroids have anti-inflammatory actions.
  13. *** The oocyte becomes an egg that now no longer needs to be fertilized, since it contains the right amount of genetic material.
  14. *** Knight has been jailed since October for alleged probation violations.
  15. *** Since I am the Scowling Knight, can not I cry from war?

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