Use simulation in a sentence

Use simulation in a sentence. How to use the word simulation in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word simulation.

Definition of simulation

Examples of simulation in a sentence

*** The result of the simulation test for the radar finder indicated …

*** When the laser gun is launched, it has the sound of shot simulation and the casing of the landing vibration cartridge.

*** To improve the efficiency of functional verification, this article presents two efficient acceleration techniques: self-verification and co-simulation of a mixed model.

*** The process of heating and accelerating plasma aerosol ceramic powders was studied by numerical simulation.

*** East of Elliston Place and adjacent to the university, Centennial Park is the simulation site.

*** Heinz Haber; (1913-February 13, 1990), German physicist, who made early contributions to the understanding of and simulation of space flight conditions and their effects on man.

*** In 1948 he proposed the use of the parabolic flight maneuver of an aircraft to simulate weightiessness. He joined the University of California in 1952, and in 1953 designed a space simulation chamber.

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