Use Simple in a Sentence, How to use “Simple” in a sentence


Use Simple in a sentence. How to use the word Simple in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Simple. Sentence for Simple.

Use Simple in a Sentence - How to use "Simple" in a sentence

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Examples of simple in a sentence

  1. Managing torture while inside the warp-for a talented astropath of all people-would be simple madness.
  2. Attached to a simple white sauce, they are a good accompaniment for simple meats like boiled bacon.
  3. Always have a garlic head and a piece of fresh ginger root to impart a Far Eastern flavor to the simple ingredients.
  4. Use a piece of fresh ginger to impart a Far Eastern flavor to simple ingredients.
  5. Simple arithmetic operations are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  6. She is ready to learn simple addition and subtraction.
  7. My advice to him will be simple and concise: do not touch the battery.
  8. The simple threshing machine had a revolving cylinder with teeth or rasp bars operating against stationary bars called concaves.
  9. Two out of five is a simple subtraction.
  10. While others will simply accumulate it in the old and simple “realm of conspiracy” without any real reason.
  11. The class allows the arithmetic of simple fractions: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
  12. The test involves simple calculations, such as addition and subtraction.
  13. His original ideas on “duopoly” and “oligopoly” (market dominance by two or a few sellers) and his analysis of exchange value in the market based on simple mathematical relations between supply, demand, and price remain important points of departure in modern economic theory.
  14. The former New York Yankees player and three-time American League MVP proposed to the actress-singer during a quiet walk on the beach at sunset – a simple yet dreamy proposal that J. Lo had always wanted.
  15. The goal is for royalty members to return to their business as usual. Critics said the palace, like Johnson’s government with Brexit, hopes to solve a complicated problem with a simple piece of paper.


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