Use Silvery in a Sentence, How to use “Silvery” in a sentence


Use Silvery in a sentence. How to use the word Silvery in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Silvery. Sentence for Silvery.

Use Silvery in a Sentence - How to use "Silvery" in a sentence


Examples of Silvery in a sentence

  1. That silvery second is Etty’s.
  2. The birches of the rivers extend their silvery shade over the slate walkways.
  3. Properties: Pure indium is silvery white with a bluish cast.
  4. The Doberman pinscher’s coat may be black, reddish-brown, bluish-gray, or silvery-beige with characteristic rust markings.
  5. Even more than his appearance—more than the shining dark of his eyes, the silvery brown of his hair, the dusky glow in his face—even more than his charm and his magnificence, I think, the beauty and sympathy in his voice won my heart.
  6. She read aloud, enunciating the words very slowly, syllable by syllable, and in a voice so clear, and rich, and silvery, that it was delightful to hear her.
  7. At our feet the silvery waters of the Rhine, illumined by the purple of the setting sun, flowed between the verdant banks.
  8. A school of silvery-finned minnows had discovered them, and the parent fish was severely taxed in her efforts to protect them.
  9. A delicate and beautifully marked sunfish that is silvery white with inky black bands across it is common in the Delaware tide-water meadows, and is found nowhere else.
  10. If a shrub is beautiful clad in motley garb, should not its filmy ghost in silvery gray merit a passing glance?


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