Use Silver in a Sentence, How to use “Silver” in a sentence


Use Silver in a sentence. How to use the word Silver in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Silver. Sentence for Silver.

Silver - Sentence for Silver - Use Silver in a Sentence Examples


Examples of Silver in a sentence

  1. This table is made of silver birch.
  2. It was made of 24 glass tubes, each with some diamonds and silver!
  3. The lower floor was planted with hornbeam, hazel, silver birch and holly.
  4. The gravel track led downhill in a narrow belt of silver and rowan birch.
  5. Hartwell had delivered his birthright on a silver platter to the white knight he rescued.
  6. Among Antonio’s independent works are two of his few surviving metal sculptures—The Birth of St. John the Baptist (1477-1478; Museo del Duomo, Florence), a relief for the silver altar of the Baptistry, and the dynamic bronze statuette Hercules and Antaeus (Bargello, Florence).
  7. Naturally, we tend to associate silver with something positive in our lives, and this is sometimes true.
  8. Dreaming of silver is a symbol of failure or problems.
  9. Burying the silver in the earth: symbolizes that one has something to hide.
  10. Dreaming of liquid silver is a sign of marital problems.
  11. Using an electroplating process he patented in 1843, he coated a spider web with silver and electroplated other delicate objects such as flowers.
  12. Altgeld was a champion of free silver and an active supporter of William Jennings Bryan for the presidency in 1896 and 1900. He died at Joliet III, on March 12, 1902.
  13. When we deal with issues involving race, gender, civil rights and civil liberties, there’s no silver bullet.
  14. These gifts consisted of weapons elaborately finished, vessels of gold or silver, embroidered garments, and such other articles as were customarily employed in those days as propitiatory offerings in such emergencies.
  15. It resisted for a long time, till Semiramis ascended the citadel, and Ninus was enabled to take possession of the treasures of gold and silver which were in Bactra.

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