Use Short in a Sentence, How to use “Short” in a sentence


Use Short in a sentence. How to use the word Short in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Short. Sentence for Short.

Use Short in a Sentence - How to use "Short" in a sentence


Examples of Short in a sentence

  1. The short tandem repeat loci of the Y chromosome play an important role in the reconstruction of the patrilineal history by its special genetic characteristics.
  2. When the aerial cable is fixed and installed, a certain distance must be maintained between the cable and the trees, when the cable is running, only for a short time.
  3. Directed to the characteristics of the indefinite demand and the short life cycle of the epidemic basic product, the manufacturer adopts a complete return policy for the retailer.
  4. Attempts have been made to improve submarine cables in this respect, and in 1906 a short cable ” loaded ” with Pupin coils was laid across Lake Constance.
  5. The inscriptive writings are added after a certain carrier the prose of the short and agile miscellany.
  6. The decrease, the movement that we can move according to the wall of the room disappears, wait for it to be cut short of clear blood or straighten with the backward movement, dead place.
  7. Operation Vittles is a 1948 short American documentary about the Berlin Airlift.
  8. One of the male’s very short arms is a modified reproductive organ, the hectocotyle, which releases sperm to fertilize the female’s eggs.
  9. Give them a short backhand and sides and give them a taste of birch.
  10. The fraternity of stable courtyards rarely falls short of the picturesque word.
  11. Her injuries have left her with migraines, seizures, insomnia, nausea and short-term memory loss.
  12. Apart from the sentimental reasons, the short warning led many to despair.
  13. In a short time he found a new diversion: to walk noisily through the metal roof, to his own vocal accompaniment.

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