Use Sheltered in a Sentence, How to use “Sheltered” in a sentence


Use Sheltered in a sentence. How to use the word Sheltered in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Sheltered. Sentence for Sheltered.

Use Sheltered in a Sentence - How to use "Sheltered" in a sentence


Examples of Sheltered in a sentence

  1. The Miltonia or pansy orchid prefers a cool place, sheltered from the sun.
  2. I shut my eyes and saw my room in Fort Defiance, a cell still, but sheltered and warm.
  3. It was in a very snug and sheltered place, almost out of view.
  4. I sprang behind some rocks, where I was adequately sheltered so long as he remained in his present position.
  5. There was some wind too, but, as it was behind them, and as the road lay through woods and among sheltered hills, they did not observe it much.
  6. The family that received and sheltered her was that of Tyrrheus, the chief of her father’s shepherds, whose children’s stag Ascanius had formerly killed.
  7. Some pedestrians who carried their nightly purchases sheltered from the rain at the doors.
  8. Whenever a ship at sea is sheltered by anything, they say the ship is under its lee.
  9. The road lay through the woods, and among hills, so that it was sheltered; and the only indications of the wind which the boys noticed, was a distant roaring sound among the forests.
  10. The wind had all this time continued to increase, though they were so much sheltered, that they did not notice it much.
  11. The drooping eaves, I knew, sheltered a multitude of wrens and phoebes, and the whole place was alive with swallows, which dipped and wheeled under the glowing sky.
  12. They heaped it up in a sheltered corner of the ravine, and the colonel, taking the candle out of his lantern, touched the flame to the dry boughs.
  13. We chose a somewhat sheltered spot, which was not difficult to find in a region of hill on hill, criss-crossed with ravines and gullies, and gathered heaps of brushwood.


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