Use Shell in a Sentence, How to use “Shell” in a sentence


Use Shell in a sentence. How to use the word Shell in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Shell. Sentence for Shell.

Use Shell in a Sentence - How to use "Shell" in a sentence


Examples of shell in a sentence

  1. The females, unlike the males, secrete a paper-thin spiral shell each year before mating.
  2. O, now my prettiest shell is broken!
  3. Then he seized the great gold-adorned shell and blew for onset.
  4. Many sand dollars also have elongated slitlike holes, or lunules, perforating the shell in a symmetrical arrangement.
  5. This delicate, semitransparent shell serves mainly as an egg case, sheltering the fertilized eggs.
  6. The body is enclosed in a limy shell, known as a test, through which protrude ambulacral, or tube, feet and many very fine spines.
  7. The mantle is oblong, flexible, and transparent and has side lobes, used as fins, that extend over the sides and back to cover the rudimentary shell.
  8. The lower part of the walls, so Xenophon tells us, was built of smoothed shell-stone; the thickness was about 50 feet, and the height also 50 feet.
  9. He was a shell of a man—a shell vitalized and animated by an immense, an indestructible illusion.
  10. Often the bursting of a shell sets a building on fire, and then the dreadful effects of a conflagration are added to the horrors of the scene.
  11. The Carthaginian power had become a mere hollow shell, empty and vain, which required only one great final blow to effect its absolute demolition.
  12. When the time was fully come, he very coolly gnawed a hole in one end of his glossy shell, and laboriously pushed himself through, his broad and beautiful wings folded up compactly by his side.
  13. He took up the empty shell, and looked at the hole.
  14. The butterfly had rather be free; but he has left you the chrysalis shell, and that, notwithstanding the hole, is a greater curiosity now, than it was before.

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