Use She in a Sentence – How to use “She” in a sentence


Use She in a sentence. How to use the word She in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word She.

Use She in a Sentence - How to use "She" in a sentence


Examples of She in a sentence

  1. After nearly 13 years of singing in Italy and South America, relatively unnoticed, she gained her first real successes in Poland and Russia in 1903 and in San Francisco in 1904.
  2. She was the daughter of James Rutledge, a tavern owner at New Salem, Ill., where in 1831 she became acquainted with Abraham Lincoln.
  3. In 1917 she went to Washington to administer the first federal Child Labor Act and helped prevent the exploitation of children in wartime industries.
  4. She lectured and wrote frequently on social problems, sometimes with her sister Edith, also a social worker.
  5. She will be out for an indefinite period.
  6. The performance began before an apathetic, half-filled house, but by the end of the evening she had created a sensation, and her reputation was made.
  7. Thereafter she sang regularly in England and America.
  8. She will be far away for an indefinite future.She in a Sentence
  9. She is by far the best actress I’ve seen.
  10. She managed to be an actress and a mother.
  11. She is a good actress, but lacks star quality.
  12. She was his choice for the best actress.
  13. She has been voted Best Actress for three consecutive years.
  14. Although she is now a celebrity in her own right, actress Lynn Redgrave knows the difficulties of living in the shadow of her famous older sister.
  15. She realized her intention to become an actress.
  16. She is a good actress, but she still needs time to grow in the part she is performing.
  17. She outdid the actress Nancy Trump in the part.
  18. She wanted to be an actress, but her father soon put that idea aside.
  19. She is by far the best actress in the country.
  20. All her neighbors assumed that she was an actress.
  21. She has that indefinable something that makes an actress a star.
  22. She was betrothed to John McNamar, a storekeeper using the name McNeil, who was on a prolonged visit to the East when she died in Sand Ridge, Ill., on Aug. 25, 1835.

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