Use Shadow in a Sentence, How to use “Shadow” in a sentence


Use Shadow in a sentence. How to use the word Shadow in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Shadow. Sentence for Shadow.

Use Shadow in a Sentence - How to use "Shadow" in a sentence


Examples of shadow in a sentence

  1. For the shadow was there.
  2. Members of the shadow cabinet John Prescott and David Blunkett abstained.
  3. During the shadow boxing, all the exercises we had done earlier came together.
  4. There was nothing there—nothing except the pleasant flicker of light and shadow on the old Persian rug.
  5. He had not proceeded far before he saw a female figure lurking in the shadow of an altar near which he had to pass.
  6. If the fault wasn’t his and wasn’t hers, then who was responsible for the shadow that hung over the house?
  7. Those who would lead their children by this route must avoid the very shadow of religion as they would that of the upas.
  8. While I questioned him the drowsy horses trotted slowly through the sun and shadow on the dun-coloured road.
  9. Never once, not even during her illness, had she failed to share a single one of my enthusiasms; never once, in all the years of our marriage, had there been so much as a shadow between us.
  10. Luckily, the intl library provides the Collator class (and shadow functions with names starting with collator_), which you can use to compare and sort strings with respect to your selected locale.
  11. We spent a charming fortnight together at Dare’s Gift—Mildred happy as a child in her garden, and I satisfied to lie in the shadow of the box wall and watch her bloom back to health.
  12. “You saved his life!” I started to cry; but before I could utter the words she vanished into the shadow of the mulberry tree, and left the boy standing alone in the road.
  13. As I stood there, entranced by the colour of the morning, it seemed to me that this circle of sunlight and shadow became alive with the quiver of innumerable gauzy wings, the bright ghosts of all the birds that had ever sung in this place.


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