Use Several in a Sentence, How to use “Several” in a sentence


Use Several in a sentence. How to use the word Several in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Several. Sentence for Several.

Use Several in a Sentence - How to use "Several" in a sentence

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Examples of Several in a sentence

  1. It provides for this in several ways.
  2. In 1605 he received the first of several official grants from the Dutch parliament for the printing of a seamen’s guide.
  3. I started to walk around the room, examining several undefined objects in the middle of the darkness.
  4. This article gives several types of use of the substitute method in indefinite integral.
  5. Squid, scallops, live abalone, seaweed, tuna at sea, yellow fish oil are several advantages of the species.
  6. In the ordinary methods, a differentially wound receiving instrument, a coil connected to the Company cable and several Atlantic cables were used, duplex was used in the method of duplexing a cable described by the Lord Muirhead plan.
  7. He tried several jobs and eventually became an accountant.
  8. The opening program on Thursday picks up speed in several demonstrations.
  9. The writings of Democritus were voluminous, and several of the recorded titles are of a medical nature.
  10. Musa Anter has been imprisoned several times for his writings.
  11. Since his election in 2005, Benedict XVI has stressed the need to safeguard the environment in several homilies and in his encyclical writings, which has led some to call him “Green Pope”.
  12. Puncture is not only useful in the qualitative diagnosis of the gynecological pelvic mass, but also in the treatment of several diseases, such as pelvic abscess, intimal cyst and parvula cyst.
  13. Forcron could decrease the mitotic index and lead to several types of chromosomal aberration.
  14. Prayer can have several interpretations.
  15. There are several species of zebras.
  16. Several species could disappear forever.
  17. The two species have several characteristics in common.
  18. Several different species of fish inhabit these turbid and shallow waters.
  19. Display several excellent features to help you manage your server more productively and securely.
  20. For several years, we have subscribed to the Zoo Fund.


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