Use Set Up in a Sentence, How to use “Set Up” in a sentence


Use Set Up in a sentence. How to use the word Set Up in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Set Up. Sentence for Set Up.

Use Set Up in a Sentence - How to use "Set Up" in a sentence

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Examples of set up in a sentence

  1. Donald set up a mother and her daughter day return ticket.
  2. The University Administration decided to set up a branch campus in Alabama.
  3. In fact, one project (OUYA gaming platform) managed to generate as much as 2.6 million dollars in the first 24 hours after being set up.
  4. It combines theoretical and experimental methods, using an experimental laboratory set up with ESRC funds.
  5. To reciprocate, the Soviets promised to help set up an experimental laboratory for genetics at the KWIH.
  6. You can contact the Ecommerce Solution Providers who are there to offer you a wide array of technical support to set up the perfect online store for Christmas.
  7. So friends, get going and set up the most attractive website loaded with goodies.
  8. They also obtained cannon models from the Portuguese for him and set up a foundry to cast guns for use against the invading Manchus.
  9. Barnes set up a company to manufacture and market the product in 1902, and within five years was a millionaire.
  10. In 1922, Barnes set up the Barnes Foundation at Merion, Pa., to house his collection and to provide education in art appreciation.
  11. The boys were accustomed to take their places at the appointed hour, and each one would set up his pen in the front of his desk for the teacher to come and mend them.
  12. Our fathers set up an image in honor of liberty, to strengthen the influence of the love of liberty on the popular mind.
  13. And when the Dinkart represents a standard of true religion as being set up under Ardeshir, there is no reason to doubt the statement.
  14. At the consecration of Rama the golden throne is set up, the yellow parasol and the two flappers of buffalo-tails, the tiger-skin, bow and sword are brought forward.
  15. According to Ctesias, Arbaces overthrew the Assyrian kingdom in the year 883 or 878 B.C. (p. 262), and set up the dominion of himself and his descendants, the kings of Media, in the place of the dominion of the Assyrians.


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