Use Sequential in a Sentence – How to use “Sequential” in a sentence


Use Sequential in a sentence. How to use the word Sequential in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Sequential. Sentence for Sequential.

Use Sequential in a Sentence - How to use "Sequential" in a sentence


Examples of Sequential in a sentence

  1. I am looking for books for sequential mathematical formulas.
  2. In computer science, a sequential algorithm or serial algorithm is an algorithm that is executed sequentially as opposed to concurrently or in parallel.
  3. Sequential access is a term describing a group of elements being accessed in a predetermined, ordered sequence.
  4. sequential manual transmission is a type of manual transmission used mostly for motorcycles and racing cars.
  5. In game theory, a sequential game is a game where one player chooses their action before the others choose theirs.
  6. In statistics, sequential analysis or sequential hypothesis testing is statistical analysis where the sample size is not fixed in advance.
  7. In topology and related fields of mathematics, a sequential space is a topological space that satisfies a very weak axiom of countability.
  8. Sequential consistency is one of the consistency models used in the domain of concurrent computing It was first defined as the property that requires that.
  9. In computing, sequential access memory (SAM) is a class of data storage devices that read stored data in a sequence.
  10. Here, we show that human speech and birdsong share a similar sequential structure indicative of both hierarchical and Markovian organization.
  11. Sequential artists unite the narrative talents of the writer with the drawing abilities of the illustrator.
  12. So how can you implement your sequential advertising?
  13. sequential search model results in very different estimates of consumers’ preference parameters.
  14. Sequential maternal screening is a 2-step test, with first- and second-trimester components.
  15. Sequential provides training and inference features on this model.
  16. Sequential activities are those that afford children the opportunity to follow a logical order or sequence, or to have a working plan.
  17. The theoretical basis of sequential circuit synthesis is developed, with particular reference to the work of D. A. Huffman and E. F. Moore.

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