Use Sentimental in a Sentence, How to use “Sentimental” in a sentence


Use Sentimental in a sentence. How to use the word Sentimental in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Sentimental.

Use Sentimental in a Sentence - How to use "Sentimental" in a sentence


Examples of Sentimental in a sentence

  1. *** Many of today’s leaders were educated in England or in France and retain personal and sentimental ties to Europe.
  2. *** My father became increasingly sentimental as he got older and his friends died.
  3. *** However, the memories of these survivors, their lament, are rarely inscribed in the sentimental journeys of the chroniclers.
  4. *** Others of their kind were not so sentimental, however.
  5. *** He seemed so pure, last night, if sentimental.
  6. *** I began to feel sentimental about family misery.
  7. *** Where did Grandma like when she had that sentimental whim? In a dugout in Boise Canyon.
  8. *** Donald’s loyalty to his apprentice had been badly rewarded tonight and no coach could afford to be sentimental.
  9. *** Some women also confessed to carrying sentimental and comforting but impractical items, such as a baby’s tooth, his daughter’s first pair of shoes and his father’s watch.
  10. *** The most capable speakers had to play in the gallery and take a sentimental and sensational line.
  11. *** Donna in those days was subject to fantasies that a sentimental girl would be pleased.
  12. *** The famous Elegy, written in a field cemetery by Thomas Gray, the outstanding poet of eighteenth-century English sentimentality, is the perfection of sentimental literature.
  13. *** The jury No. 10, Richard Marsh, went to Cowperwood in a sentimental way.
  14. *** How could he face his parents, recover his cash and disconcert the whole plan for the rehabilitation of his family for such sentimental reasons?
  15. *** I am a very unfortunate person sentimental life, you need to use the woman fire general enthusiasm to melt, I hoped that you are one.
  16. *** Lex: Chopin? I always thought you found him too sentimental.
  17. *** It is disappointing to discover that deep down you are sentimental.
  18. *** Their central relationship, between a man of the upper-middle class and his working-class lover, has been described as sentimental, his happy ending dismissed as wish fulfillment.
  19. *** Inquire about the current sentimental condition, Liang Jingru is the first to play mystically: it allows you to guess!

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