Use Self in a Sentence, How to use “Self” in a sentence


Use Self in a sentence. How to use the word Self in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Self. Sentence for Self.

Use Self in a Sentence - How to use "Self" in a sentence

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Examples of self in a sentence

  1. Your impatient self clearly suffers from a similar fixed cost to perform subtraction.
  2. Make 2018 the year you adopt your beautiful self and be a better role model to your children over their self-image by making only positive comments about their body.
  3. It will teach them self-control and self-government, and will accustom them to submit to the majority–that lesson which, of all others, it is important for a republican to learn.
  4. “But, mother,” said Nathan, “father told me, his very self, that they were no higher than my head.”
  5. His purest nature, his best self, must be praised and invoked for aid.
  6. The Greeks with one consent describe the Persians of ancient times as simple, hardy, self-controlled men, of great endurance and martial vigour, with few requirements.
  7. With the Brahmans the force of asceticism was so preponderant, and absorbed the divine nature to such a degree, that it was soon regarded by them as the highest divine potency; in their view the gods and Brahman itself exercised creative power only by virtue of ascetic concentration on self, and severe penances.
  8. In the Sankhya the intellectual principle is not the divine world-soul, which permits everything to emanate from itself and return to itself; it is the individual self, and besides this and material nature there is no real being, no real essence.
  9. None of them had set himself with such force to take away every support from the feeling of self-confidence.
  10. It is easy to roll out the cant saying, “I spank you because I love you,” but it is very difficult to bring one’s self into that frame of mind in which it would be the mere truth to say, “I spank you because I respect you.”


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