Use Select in a Sentence, How to use “Select” in a sentence


Use Select in a sentence. How to use the word Select in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Select. Sentence for Select.

Use Select in a Sentence - How to use "Select" in a sentence


Examples of Select in a sentence

  1. Only a select circle of relations and intimate friends were present on this occasion.
  2. When you arrive at the message notification page, we ask you to “please select your Message Center preference.”
  3. Then Romulus was specially desirous to select this spot as the site, as it was here that he and his brother had been saved from destruction in so wonderful a manner.
  4. A newspaper reader can select what interests him and omit what he thinks is boring or irrelevant.
  5. When you buy, it’s wise to select a budding plant so that you will have the pleasure of watching it bloom.
  6. Select alternative criteria and try your search again.
  7. Christian Lacroix is launching a very luxurious and very select match.
  8. Select the needles on both beds and knit the zigzag molded in the row.
  9. Select two classes not very familiar with elementary arithmetic, and offer to each of them the following example in addition.
  10. Or shall we select a certain number of the wisest and bravest of the citizens, and commit the administration of public affairs to them?
  11. Select from these feathers three or four which are the most downy and soft about the stem, and bring them down to me.
  12. The men told Jonas that he had gone about half a mile away, on a by-road, to select and cut some timber to be used in the construction of the bridge.
  13. And that makes it all the stranger that he should select me, for I have had so few mental cases.
  14. I am going to leave you here to select out our baggage, when they get it down, and to bring it along by means of a porter.


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