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Use Seems in a sentence. How to use the word Seems in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Seems. Sentence for Seems.

Seems - Sentence for Seems - Use Seems in a Sentence

Examples of Seems in a sentence

*** It seems to have been developed simultaneously with the other types of tuba, and has no predecessor.

*** The role of the accountant also seems to be a mystery.

*** It seems like a recipe for a mental breakdown.

*** It seems that bowling is healthier for my body.

*** On closer inspection, the anteater also seems to include other characteristics of the animals.

*** It seems that these ants can tolerate temperatures that would kill other species.

*** The total number of species on the planet seems to be growing by leaps and bounds.

*** It seems inappropriate that we intervene in this stage.

*** However, public protests are also gaining momentum as people realize that shrimp farming seems to be a recipe for disaster.

*** Therefore, it seems that a histologically normal bowel is a prerequisite for adequate absorption of carnitine.

*** Regarding relations with the public, rudeness seems almost a prerequisite for government employment.

*** Donald seems surprised by the attention that his proposed bonfire created.

*** I can not help but be surprised, “It seems that I have a current adverse momentum when blocking similar things, confidence decreased.

*** On the basis of these data, the administration of intranasal phenobarbital seems to represent an adequate alternative route of administration for this antiepileptic drug, which must be further evaluated.

*** I do not know anything about Jones, but it seems you’re stupidly sentimental about anything that links you.

*** Donald creates a credible nightmare and turns what at first seems like a simple eco-sermon into something more strangely convincing.

*** The evidence against him seems to be, even for a dispassionate observer, convincing if not devastating.

*** Since there is an interesting case for each one, there seems to be a convincing case to combine them.

*** The country seems to have been following a zigzag course between democracy and dictatorship.

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