Use Secrecy in a Sentence, How to use “Secrecy” in a sentence


Use Secrecy in a sentence. How to use the word Secrecy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Secrecy. Sentence for Secrecy.

Use Secrecy in a Sentence - How to use "Secrecy" in a sentence


Examples of secrecy in a sentence

  1. The deceit is no doubt to be explained by the secrecy of the negotiations with Egypt.
  2. Of course, the whole affair was managed with great secrecy.
  3. The secrecy is maintained for the benefit of the client and cannot be unilaterally repudiated by the attorney.
  4. He told the story of the children only to a very few trustworthy friends, and he accompanied the communication, in the cases where he made it, with many injunctions of secrecy.
  5. They however, first, in secrecy and silence, but with great solemnity, performed those funeral rites for Polydorus which were considered in those ages essential to the repose of the dead.
  6. As soon as night came on they returned to the main land, and disembarking with the utmost silence and secrecy, they made their way back again under cover of the darkness, as near as they dared to come to the gates of the city.
  7. In the deepest secrecy he formed connections with Tirhaka the successor of Shabataka in Egypt and Meroe, and sent him valuable presents.
  8. All this work was performed in such silence and secrecy that it met with no interruption from Pyrrhus’s camp, and the whole was completed before the morning dawned.
  9. For a time she managed these intrigues with some degree of caution and secrecy, in order to conceal her conduct from her husband.
  10. He did this with the utmost precaution and secrecy, and succeeded in deceiving every body but his wife.
  11. Knowing his majesty’s character, the thief had the presence of mind to give him a wink, with a sly gesture enjoining secrecy.
  12. He took him aside, and with great caution and secrecy suggested the subject.


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