Use Scurvy in a Sentence, How to use “Scurvy” in a sentence


Use Scurvy in a sentence. How to use the word Scurvy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Scurvy.

Use Scurvy in a Sentence - How to use "Scurvy" in a sentence

Examples of Scurvy in a sentence

  1. *** He is a miserable scurvy.
  2. *** The worst symptoms of scurvy were under control, although fatigue and bruising persisted.
  3. *** And scurvy all the time reduced the crew, killing six to ten men every day.
  4. *** ferns out of a window; the scurvy grass lay rotten with the moan.
  5. *** Diseases in our history texts, such as rickets and scurvy, have begun to reappear in the West.
  6. *** The crew remained free of scurvy.
  7. *** Oranges, lemons and limes were found to cure scurvy.
  8. *** You do not want scurvy.
  9. *** Fortunately there were no reports of scurvy, beri beri or other ailments caused by malnutrition!
  10. *** Now, however, the combined effects of scurvy, anemia, and exhaustion kept him asleep at 20:00 a.m.
  11. *** Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits, prevents scurvy.
  12. *** It’s called scurvy grass. It has a horseradish tone.
  13. *** A disease, such as scurvy, beriberi or pellagra, caused by the deficiency of one or more essential vitamins.
  14. *** Iron deficiency anemia, scurvy, beriberi and pellagra are examples of injuries caused by deficiencies in specific vitamins or minerals.
  15. *** No fear of scurvy or ship fever on this trip.
  16. *** A, such as scurvy, beriberi or caused by the deficiency of one or more essential vitamins.
  17. *** In medieval times, cider was given to sailors destined for long journeys, partly as a palliative for scurvy.
  18. *** There was extensive coverage of polar willows, yellow and white whitish grass, scurvy grass and many others.
  19. *** Instead, he and his men suffered terribly from heat, thirst, and scurvy, of which one of their officers died.
  20. *** Once the rainy season began in April, malaria, yellow fever, typhoid and scurvy began to take their toll.
  21. *** Scurvy (or vitamin C deficiency): nutritional disorder caused by vitamin C deficiency

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