Use Say in a Sentence, How to use “Say” in a sentence


Use Say in a sentence. How to use the word Say in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Say. Sentence for Say.

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Examples of Say in a sentence

  1. She knew with absolute certainty that he would say no.
  2. To say that Joan was surprised is to say it gently.
  3. His greatest joy was to have a priest with them to administer the sacraments and say mass.
  4. Do some people say that once you adjust the car you should alternate between leaded and unleaded gasoline?
  5. It would be misleading to say that the recession will soon end.
  6. When I say that your demand for an increase is absurd, I mean absurdly low.
  7. However, analysts say that H.P. It is disadvantaged because the technology is not familiar and because H.P. It lacks Xerox sales scope in this category.
  8. They say it would be a political suicide if the party abstains.
  9. Our friends at Outerknown say they can.
  10. I sincerely say sorry to the supporters of SEOR!
  11. What I had to say was that, in general, I’m not a fan of any genre of any kind of movie.


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