Use Sale in a Sentence – How to use “Sale” in a sentence


Use Sale in a sentence. How to use the word Sale in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Sale. Sentence for Sale.

for sale


Examples of Sale in a sentence

  1. A buyer of real estate is entitled to receive title “free and clear” of encumbrances, unless the contract of sale provides otherwise.
  2. In 1912 the United States forbade its importation, and its sale is now widely restricted or forbidden.
  3. It is offered for sale by real estate agents Knight, Frank and Rutley who expect it to reach between 1m and 2m.
  4. Also a talented watercolour artist, Lee’s art works with a diverse range of themes from landscape to farmyard will be hung for sale and display in the nursery retail area.
  5. Local West Tamar artisan Sam Sampson will have a number of her sculptures on exhibit and for sale too.
  6. Do not be afraid to ask for the sale, and if you have to, give them a deal too good to refuse.
  7. Any synthetic version Rolex Daytona armani watches sale pieces happen to be among the many sporting events version swiss watches produced by recognized type.
  8. The whole fruit of the baobab is not available in the EU as current EU legislations from 1997 dictate that foods not commonly consumed in the EU have to be formally approved before going on sale.
  9. As soon as she arrives, we will put up the land for sale and expect an immediate response.
  10. So in addition of the immediate payback of the $13,000 we, you and I, will discuss and contract with me that I will put the land up for immediate sale, and I will also remit to you, an additional sum that will be more than satisfying to you.
  11. The only issue is whether there will be sufficient real resources available for sale to facilitate the living standard aspirations of the ageing cohort.

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