Use Sacred in a Sentence, How to use “Sacred” in a sentence


Use Sacred in a sentence. How to use the word Sacred in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Sacred.

Sacred in a Sentence


Examples of Sacred in a sentence

  1. Christians share some of their sacred scriptures with the Jews.
  2. A passing priest ran to his church in search of sacred oil and ran out to administer rites to the charred bodies.
  3. To interpret its meaning they resorted to the Hebrew sacred books, to the Mosaic Law, as well as to the prophetic scriptures.
  4. But all the sacred scriptures say that you will devour the wicked and the unjust.
  5. The writings of the first Gurus were compiled in Adi Granth, the sacred Sikh book, by Arjun (1563-1606), the fifth Guru.
  6. The university has schools of sacred theology, philosophy, canon law, civil law, arts and sciences, education, social service, engineering and architecture, music, and nursing, as well as the undergraduate college of arts and sciences.
  7. The liturgy actualizes this priesthood by means of sacred signs and symbols, but the liturgy is more than ritual, it is an admirabile commercium, a wonderful exchange, the expression of man’s response to God’s gracious saving act.
  8. These shells, which came from the great oceans, impart sacred knowledge.
  9. The sacred things exist only for the egoist who does not recognize himself, the involuntary egoist […] in short, for the selfish who would not be selfish, and humbles himself (fights his selfishness), but at the same time he humbles himself for the sake of “being exalted,” and therefore gratifying his selfishness.
  10. But the strong ascendency which, in consequence of his official station, he has obtained over the minds of his pupils, is sacred.
  11. The boys, by a simultaneous movement, open their desks, and take from them their copies of the sacred volume.
  12. It happened, however, that this fountain was a sacred one, having been consecrated to Mars,–and there was a great dragon, a son of Mars, stationed there to guard it.

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