Use Rural in a Sentence, How to use “Rural” in a sentence


Use Rural in a sentence. How to use the word Rural in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Rural. Sentence for Rural.

Use Rural in a Sentence - How to use "urban" in a sentence


Examples of Rural in a sentence

  1. Despite being an occupied city, Dublin has the feel of a rural city.
  2. There are no private farms, except for the kitchen gardens of rural residents.
  3. The scene was rural and picturesque, very peaceful.
  4. The idealization of rural life is very deceptive.
  5. Has not the influx of rural vigor an incalculable value?
  6. He galvanized his congregation, as admired by his campaigns to students or rural towns, as for his memorial services.
  7. He was ordained a minister of a small rural congregation.
  8. He had been absent in Campania, which was a beautiful rural region, south of Rome, back from Misenum.
  9. Signs of a new awakening, nevertheless, were appearing here and there, especially in certain rural communities.
  10. Proceeding several miles from the nearest railroad, he found the rural settlement where the factory was supposed to be located.
  11. They were slaves, and had been torn from their rural homes all over the empire by a merciless conscription, from which there was no possible escape.
  12. They came into the valley of the Cephisus, a beautiful river flowing through a delightful and fertile region, which contained many cities and towns, and was filled every where with an industrious rural population.
  13. His imagination, hitherto bound down by the narrow circumstances of remote rural life, staggered while trying to grasp the conception of so much wealth.
  14. But to return to the cottage, from which the pretty, rural trait of its standing in its unfenced green door-yard led me away to notice the same sort of rustic beauty where the church stood.
  15. This prosperity prevailed not only in the rural districts of the Delta and along the valley of the Nile, but also among the merchants, and navigators, and artisans of Alexandria.

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