Use Rousing in a Sentence, How to use “Rousing” in a sentence


Use Rousing in a sentence. How to use the word Rousing in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Rousing. Sentence for Rousing.

Use Rousing in a Sentence - How to use "Rousing" in a sentence

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Examples of Rousing in a sentence

  1. He began to receive urgent calls from various quarters, rousing him to action.
  2. The audience gave the band a rousing welcome.
  3. Even if we don’t have a stuck fermentation, would rousing the yeast be a good thing?
  4. Obama’s rousing speech trolls Trump: Who’s the impostor now?
  5. The hits just keep on coming during Simi’s rousing Irving Berlin revue.
  6. One year later we can say it’s been a rousing success, with much more to come.
  7. A White Rabbit heavily wreathed in holly rousing cautiously from his cushions!
  8. Presently, as if rousing himself from a reverie, “Forgive me,” he said, “I was thinking of something that occurred in our neighbourhood about fifteen years ago.
  9. The players were greeted by rousing cheers.
  10. For example, rousing is often used to describe works of art that induce strong enthusiasm, which is not a physical action.
  11. Ann Woltor, rousing sluggishly from her sleep, heard the black Pom dog barking furiously on the beach.
  12. Rousing from her lethargy, the young woman opened her eyes upon them with the first understanding that she had shown for some days.
  13. Review: La Jolla Playhouse’s ‘Fly’ takes wing with rousing music, humor and a memorable Hook.
  14. But her pain signaled a rousing of the new consciousness that is required of those who would truly teach .
  15. With a really desperate effort she smoothed her frightened face into an expression of utter guilelessness and peace and smiled unflinchingly right into the Senior Surgeon’s rousing anger as she had once seen an animal-trainer smile into the snarl of a crouching tiger.
  16. How Romney’s vote to convict Trump paid homage to his rabble-rousing Republican father.


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