Use Rome in a Sentence – How to use “Rome” in a sentence


Use Rome in a sentence. How to use the word Rome in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Rome. Sentence for Rome.

Use Rome in a Sentence - How to use "Rome" in a sentence

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Examples of Rome in a sentence

  1. They claim to be the writings of Clement, the first bishop of Rome, that is, the first Catholic Pope appointed by Peter.
  2. Neoclassicism gained influence for the first time in England and France, through a generation of French art students trained in Rome and influenced by the writings of Johann Joachim Winckelmann.
  3. I love Rome, especially in the spring.
  4. Rome constantly rejected any compromise on the three and continued to do so in the twentieth century.
  5. The main task of the Commission would be to recommend policies and administer the Treaty of Rome.
  6. Although he was a careful, critical, and original observer, he stated all his views in an Aristotelian manner and thus severely limited himself. He died in Rome on March 15, 1603.
  7. In 1484 they were called to Rome to work on the bronze tombs of popes Sixtus IV (1493; Vatican Grottoes) and Innocent VIII (1497; St. Peter’s).


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