Use Romantic in a Sentence, How to use “Romantic” in a sentence


Use Romantic in a sentence. How to use the word Romantic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Romantic.

Use Romantic in a Sentence - How to use "Romantic" in a sentence


Examples of Romantic in a sentence

  1. *** Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, performed here by the Bolshoi Ballet, typifies the Romantic tradition in Russian music.
  2. *** Last night my boyfriend made me a romantic surprise.
  3. *** The candles and the roses look very romantic on the dinner table.
  4. *** I wish I had a romantic boyfriend.
  5. *** She thinks it will be romantic to be an actress.
  6. *** The soft music of the restaurant and the light of the candles gave it a romantic atmosphere.
  7. *** The bottom score in the climax created a beautiful atmosphere in the movie that was both romantic and sensual.
  8. *** He planned to play some pieces of the piano recital to create a romantic atmosphere when his girlfriend would come to his house for dinner.
  9. *** Romantic poets were interested in the extremes of emotion , and there were frequent backgrounds in their writings on sadism and death.
  10. *** His writings demonstrated an implacable life force through the representation of an uninhabited romantic atmosphere.
  11. *** In addition to that, the romantic atmosphere of Bolero made it especially suitable for searching for partners.
  12. *** This restaurant has a very romantic atmosphere.
  13. *** Westerberg writes shamelessly romantic and sentimental lyrics.
  14. *** In his engaging verses, written in familiar, fragmented language that is often slangy and purposely unbalanced, Corbière mocks poetic clichés, deflating both romantic rhetoric and Parnassian formalism.
  15. *** The romantic Christmas wishes for the husband are romantic wishes and words of love for the husband.
  16. *** These romantic wishes can be sent through romantic cards with love notes or romantic quotes for the husband with beautiful gifts.
  17. *** You can also send a romantic video of Christmas wishes for the husband and send it through a DVD.
  18. *** His work is intellectual, concentrating on abstract subjects and influenced by the German romantic philosophers, particularly Schelling.

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