Use Roman in a Sentence – How to use “Roman” in a sentence


How to use the word Roman in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Roman.

Use Roman in a Sentence - How to use "Roman" in a sentence


Examples of Roman in a sentence

  1. Roman, Venetian, Crusader, Tatar, Kuman, Turk, Magyar, and German, to mention only a few, all have left their mark on the land.
  2. The custom of tipping dates from at least the Roman era and more likely from the first use of coined money, but the origin of the word “tip” is obscure.
  3. Abrogation, a term derived from canon and Roman law, means the complete repeal or annulment of an authoritative decree.
  4. Lucius Accius (c. 170 b.c.-c. 90 b.c.), was a Roman dramatist and prose writer.
  5. Celt, a member of a group of peoples who spread over much of Europe and to the British Isles in pre-Roman times.
  6. This aerial view of Pevensey Castle shows the Roman fortress along with the fortress and the medieval courtyard in the southeast corner.
  7. Aerial photographs suggest at least one Roman-Celtic temple together with other circular or rectangular structures.
  8. The Roman poet Horace ranked Eupolis, Aristophanes, and Cratinus as the greatest writers of old comedy.
  9. Much of our knowledge of Roman architecture comes from the writings of Vitruvius Pollio, active architect of the time, author of De Architectura.
  10. Luigi wore the picturesque garb of the Roman peasant during the holidays.
  11. Reid recommended visiting Veliko Tarnovo, an old capital, and the picturesque city of Plovdiv, home to the Roman ruins.
  12. Founded in 658 a. C., Istanbul was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, the terminus of the ancient silk route.
  13. Saint Jerome was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.
  14. I print his orders in Italics, and his remarks and explanations in Roman letters.
  15. If a Roman Catholic community establish a school, and appoint a Roman Catholic teacher, he may properly, in his intercourse with his scholars, allude, with commendation, to the opinions and practices of that church.

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