Roman in a Sentence

How to use the word Roman in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Roman.

Examples of Roman in a sentence

1 – Roman, Venetian, Crusader, Tatar, Kuman, Turk, Magyar, and German, to mention only a few, all have left their mark on the land.

2 – Abrogation, a term derived from canon and Roman law, means the complete repeal or annulment of an authoritative decree.

3 – Lucius Accius (c. 170 b.c.-c. 90 b.c.), was a Roman dramatist and prose writer.

4 – Celt, a member of a group of peoples who spread over much of Europe and to the British Isles in pre-Roman times.


5 – This aerial view of Pevensey Castle shows the Roman fortress along with the fortress and the medieval courtyard in the southeast corner.

6 – Aerial photographs suggest at least one Roman-Celtic temple together with other circular or rectangular structures.

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7 – The Roman poet Horace ranked Eupolis, Aristophanes, and Cratinus as the greatest writers of old comedy.

8 – Much of our knowledge of Roman architecture comes from the writings of Vitruvius Pollio, active architect of the time, author of De Architectura.


9 – Luigi wore the picturesque garb of the Roman peasant during the holidays.

10 – Reid recommended visiting Veliko Tarnovo, an old capital, and the picturesque city of Plovdiv, home to the Roman ruins.

11 – Founded in 658 a. C., Istanbul was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and the Ottoman Empire, the terminus of the ancient silk route.

12 – Saint Jerome was the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.


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