Use Role in a Sentence – How to use “Role” in a sentence


Use Role in a sentence. How to use the word Role in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Role. Sentence for Role.

Use Role in a Sentence - How to use "Role" in a sentence

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Examples of role in a sentence

  1. What is the role of harpies in Greek Mythology?
  2. He somehow came to Germany in the role of an educator.
  3. All the writings extolling the role of Mary were finally excluded from the canon.
  4. The crisis of postmodernism is the crisis of confidence in the role of art and culture at the end of the 20th century.
  5. Halvorsen has received numerous awards for his role in “Operation Little Vittles,” including the Gold Medal of Congress.
  6. Harte also interrogates the sentimental ones assigning to Ken Meck the role of spokesman of the camp.
  7. I am talking about denouncing the harmful role of deceptive commercials and ads.
  8. To take this last role first, some music does not need accompaniment.
  9. Cosmetics to emphasize that modern high efficiency, therefore requested that the active ingredient must be through the skin, the role of the skin depth effect of high-caliber occurrence.
  10. As a consequence of this fact, it is possible to delineate the appropriate role of the congregation in the Eucharistic prayer.
  11. As one of the main impulses, medium and small companies have played an irreplaceable role in China’s economic and social development.
  12. This type of study provided the impetus for investigating the role of angioplasty for residual thrombosis after thrombolytic therapy.
  13. Although she made many stage appearances, she is remembered chiefly in the title role of a play based on Lord Byron’s drama Mazeppa —in which she appeared, virtually nude, strapped to the back of a wild horse.


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