Use Rigorous in a Sentence, How to use “Rigorous” in a sentence


Use Rigorous in a sentence. How to use the word Rigorous in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Rigorous. Sentence for Rigorous.

Use Rigorous in a Sentence - How to use "Rigorous" in a sentence

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Examples of rigorous in a sentence

  1. His compositions are endowed with great harmony through a rigorous methodology in the structuring of forms.
  2. After we have established some basis of mutual understanding, we can feel free to proceed with rigorous discipline.
  3. After this, Caesar spent some time in rigorous campaigns in Italy, Spain, Sicily, and Gaul, wherever there was manifested any opposition to his sway.
  4. Catharine had been kept shut up, all her days, in the most strict seclusion, and in the most rigorous subjection to her mother’s will.
  5. In the mean time, the watch and ward held over Mary was more strict and rigorous than ever, her keepers being resolved to double their vigilance, while George and William, on the other hand, resolved to redouble their exertions to find some means to circumvent it.
  6. Groups were formed in the streets and squares, discussing the situation, criticizing the Government bitterly, and inveighing against M. Zaimis, who, it was said, was ready to accept still more rigorous demands.
  7. Think well that the grandeur, goodness, and justice of God are infinite, and employ all the strength of your mind in adoring his supreme puissance, in loving his inviolable goodness; and fear his rigorous equity, which will make all responsible who are unworthy of his benefits.
  8. The king said he would not send him back, and he accordingly directed, instead, that he should be taken to the court of the public prison, where his confinement would be less rigorous, and there he was to be supplied daily with food, so long, as the king expressed it, as there should be any food remaining in the city.
  9. He thought, in the first place, that the attempt would be very likely to fail; and that, if it did fail, it would exasperate his enemies, and make his confinement more rigorous, and his probable danger more imminent than ever.

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