Use Review in a Sentence, How to use “Review” in a sentence


Use Review in a sentence. How to use the word Review in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Review. Sentence for Review.

Use Review in a Sentence - How to use "Review" in a sentence

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Examples of Review in a sentence

  1. But to return to the review.
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  3. The army accordingly halted, and the necessary arrangements were made for the review.
  4. The Advertising Review Board says that the ads are deliberately misleading.
  5. From 1858 to 1866 he was regius professor of modern history at Oxford, and from 1854 he contributed political pieces to the influential Saturday Review.
  6. A calm review of misconduct, after the excitement has gone by, will do more to bring it into disgrace than the most violent invectives and reproaches directed against the individuals guilty of it at the time.
  7. With firm resolves to better your life, you have no time to review the offers.
  8. Occasionally she would pay visits to the nobles at their castles, to hunt in their parks, to review their Highland retainers, or to join them in celebrations and fĂȘtes, and military parades.
  9. At a review of the crews of the warships taken by the French, he thanked them for their fidelity and expressed the hope that they would soon be able to return to their vessels.
  10. Xerxes had been intending to have a grand review and enumeration of his forces on entering the European territories, and he judged Doriscus to be a very suitable place for his purpose.
  11. Smerdis, by living secluded, and devoting himself to retired and private pleasures, was the more likely to escape public observation; while Patizithes, acting as his prime minister of state, could attend councils, issue orders, review troops, dispatch embassies, and perform all the other outward functions of supreme command, with safety as well as pleasure.


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