Use Resolution in a Sentence – How to use “Resolution” in a sentence


Use Resolution in a sentence. How to use the word Resolution in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Resolution. Sentence for Resolution.

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Examples of resolution in a sentence

  1. The resolution of the problematic behavior must reside in the successful unlearning of such behaviors.
  2. The control step of the resolution rate of N-acetyl-D, L-alanine was studied with immobilized porous Aspergillus Oryzae cells.
  3. The resolution was accepted unanimously.
  4. The resolution was adopted unanimously.
  5. A meeting of the party unanimously adopted a resolution of approval.
  6. The meeting unanimously adopted a resolution that agreed to maintain the current high levels of production.
  7. The resolution was approved unanimously.
  8. The resolution was rejected unanimously.
  9. You will never succeed with any resolution – large or small – without a blueprint on how to get there.
  10. My New Year’s resolution is to avoid meeting people who ask me about my New Year resolutions.
  11. The simplest resolution would be to do all these things at least once a month.
  12. And with this resolution in my mind, I hurried to meet Pell at the stile.
  13. Some obscure resolution brought a tinge of colour to her pale cheek.
  14. I resolved to walk all night, a resolution born partly of necessity, for I could not lie down and sleep without finding every joint stiffened in the morning by cold.
  15. The more she pressed these violent measures, the more the fortitude and resolution of those who suffered from them were aroused.
  16. At length, however, some among the number, who were relatives of those that Olympias had murdered, succeeding in nerving their arms with the resolution of revenge, fell upon her and killed her with their swords.
  17. Such, however, was still his resolution and energy, that when the season arrived for taking the field, he had a considerable force in readiness, and he marched out of Tarentum at the head of it, to go and meet the Romans.


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