Use Republic in a Sentence, How to use “Republic” in a sentence


Use Republic in a sentence. How to use the word Republic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Republic.

Use Republic in a Sentence - How to use "Republic" in a sentence

Examples of Republic in a sentence

  1. Daudet produced volumes of Swiftian attack on the medical profession ( Les morticoles, 1894), on literary coteries ( Le stupide dix – neuvième siècle, 1922), and especially on the Third Republic, democratic institutions, and the Jews.
  2. The Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia have few if any Muslims.
  3. MORE than 80 years after having been supplanted by the Turkish Republic, the Ottoman Empire will not die.
  4. Northern Yemen became independent from the Ottoman Empire in 1918 and became a republic, known as the Yemen Arab Republic (YAR) in 1962.
  5. Most of Dalmatia was part of the Republic of Venice, when walled citadels were built to protect against the constant threat of invasion of the Ottoman Empire.
  6. Türkiye (Turkey) becomes a republic after the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.
  7. Dalou’s fame is mainly owing to his monumental public sculpture—notably the allegorical Triumph of the Republic (1880-1889) in the Place de la Nation, Paris, and the Triumph of Silene (1897) and the monument to Delacroix (1890), both in the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris.
  8. In 1931 he formed the “Harzburg Front,” a union of extreme right-wing groups to fight the Weimar republic.
  9. Tipping became prevalent in the American colonies, but after independence and the growth of pride in the young republic, the tip was often condemned as undemocratic and demeaning.
  10. Shall the government of school be a monarchy or a republic?
  11. Thus there was no republic at all, from beginning to end.
  12. After the death of Charles, a sort of republic was established in England, called the Commonwealth, over which, instead of a king, Oliver Cromwell presided, under the title of Protector.
  13. But the co-operation of the French Republic and the British Empire invested it with an alarming significance.
  14. But again, others using a different figure describe the republic not as a Mother, but as a Bride, chaste and spotless, being betrothed to Christus, whom they praise as the Bridegroom; and this manner of speech, strange as it may seem to us Greeks, is familiar to them, being commonly used in their books of prophecies, which often speak of their nation as a Bride, and the superior god as the Bridegroom.

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