Use Report in a Sentence, How to use “Report” in a sentence


Use Report in a sentence. How to use the word Report in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Report. Sentence for Report.

Use Report in a Sentence - How to use "Report" in a sentence

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Examples of report in a sentence

  1. In another report today, retail sales showed signs of growth.
  2. The report ended on a positive note.
  3. The ambassador called the report deceitful and deceptive.
  4. Prepare an annual financial report for the congregation.
  5. The report was unanimously approved by the delegates at the close of the congress.
  6. After the discussion, the annual report was accepted unanimously.
  7. The report can provide further impetus for reform.
  8. I shall have to think up an excuse for not having the report ready.
  9. While the responses to the Kirklees Report were being discussed, another incident gave impetus to more precise anti-racist policies.
  10. He traveled extensively in the eastern United States and in 1751 published a report of its inhabitants, climate, soil, and other conditions.
  11. Male patients report that in time the swelling gets worse and the scrotum (sac holding the testicles) becomes enlarged.
  12. Knight said that the editor of the report, like AIDS is not controlled, in 10 to 15 years, it will become a disaster, it will be a subject of the report.
  13. The critic of articles by Christopher Knight contributed to this report.
  14. Guest’s application was accepted by return of post and he was asked to report early in July 1910.
  15. Our committee has been dissolved Now that we have finished our report.
  16. Back then, the Sikeston Police Department took the report and did nothing afterwards.
  17. In June 1862, Pierce made his second report to the government setting forth what he had done.
  18. Responders were sent to Locklear’s home just a week prior, after the sheriff’s office received a call saying that a “suicidal” person was being “violent,” as mentioned in the Ventura County Fire Department’s incident report.
  19. He was granted his title of Duchess of Sussex, and a year later he gave birth to a royal baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, but he still could not skip the normal citizenship process, according to the report.


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