Use Reply in a Sentence, How to use “Reply” in a sentence


Use Reply in a sentence. How to use the word Reply in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Reply. Sentence for Reply.

Use Reply in a Sentence - How to use "Reply" in a sentence

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Examples of Reply in a sentence

  1. Eyes cast down, Taria didn’t reply.
  2. “No, sir,” is the universal reply.
  3. A reply came almost by return of post.
  4. I look forward to receiving a reply by return of post.
  5. Looking for your early reply and long term business relationship with you.
  6. Is there a postpaid or self-addressed reply envelope to use?
  7. ‘No,’ I might reply, ‘there are several others.
  8. The stranger would perhaps look surprised while I said this, and would ask an explanation, and I might properly reply as follows:
  9. The scholars made no reply, and an unskillful teacher would imagine that time spent in such remarks would be wholly wasted.
  10. Just reply to this email so that i can send you more information on how you will be able to receive this donation in the next few days successfully.
  11. This evil must be guarded against by so shaping the question as to admit of a reply in a single word.
  12. The boys do not get the idea that it is wished that a universal reply should come from all parts of the room, in which every one’s voice should be heard.
  13. Some do not reply; some say, “Over the Rocky Mountains;” others, “Over us;” and others still, “The sun does not move at all.”
  14. The reply was, ‘Because she was so severe, so satirical in her remarks upon others.’
  15. In such a case, I shall hope that you will as frankly and openly reply, telling me whether you admit your fault and are determined to amend, or else informing me of the contrary.
  16. “I will thank you to bring me your schedule,” I say in reply, “so that I can see what you have now to do.”


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