Remarriage in a Sentence

Use Remarriage in a sentence. How to use the word Remarriage in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Remarriage.

Definition of Remarriage

Examples of Remarriage in a sentence

*** The canon law of the Church forbids remarriage to divorced people.

*** He has a liberal attitude towards divorce and remarriage.

*** Remarriage would revoke all previous wills.

*** The Church considers that marriage is an indissoluble union; Remarriage without the benefit of an annulment is understood as adultery.

*** The question of remarriage and the provision of an heir to the unstable throne was inevitably raising its head.

*** the two pre-teen daughters of Mr. Hollett resisted the remarriage at the beginning.

*** the rights of women with respect to divorce and remarriage are also duly guaranteed.

*** This is partly due to rising divorce rates, but also because remarriage rates among divorced women have declined in recent years.

*** As soon as the Pope agreed to the appointment of Henry Crammer as archbishop of Canterbury, Crammer quickly authorized Henry’s divorce and remarriage.


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