Remains in a Sentence

How to use the word Remains in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Remains.

Examples of Remains in a sentence

1 – Once you choose your Handle, it remains with you throughout your Membership, so select your Member Handle carefully!

2 – He remains one of the most deadly aerial players in front of the goal and has formed a good combination with Ugur Saglam.

3 – The actress still remains in the shade.

4 – The oldest genuinely dated dingo remains are 3,000 years old.


5 – This island remains a sanctuary for endangered species.

6 – Dealing with large volumes of unwanted straw remains one of the biggest headaches for many producers.

7 – But the most striking contradiction remains between the statements made by Toma a El País and the resignation letter that same day from former Minister Menéndez.

8 – Time travel remains as convincing as it is unknowable.


9 – Although some people campaign for the right to euthanasia, it remains illegal in most countries.

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10 – Euthanasia remains technically a crime subject to a minimum prison sentence of 12 years under article 293 of the penal code.

11 – Another reason why she remains is a vulnerable target is that she is extraordinarily obsessed with herself and incarnated, as well as absurdly too philosophized.

12 – Although the London Zoo remains open, its children’s section, where young people can touch farm animals, has been closed.


13 – According to Vice, the last thing they saw of him before his disappearance were the charred remains of his betting receipts and a yarmulke on the roof of Silver Vista.

14 – The continuing education network system and the construction of the constitution provide a boost to ensure higher education for teachers, but much remains to be improved.

15 – In 1840 he returned to St. Helena to help bring back Napoleon’s remains.

16 – The announcement by the Government that it will proceed with the exhumation of the remains of Franco on June 10 is an attempt to shelve a legal mess that has been delayed for more than half a year, with a succession of judgments and verdicts in the lawsuit that the Executive has with the family of the dictator.


17 – In parallel, a court in Madrid has paralyzed the work permit to proceed to unearth the remains of the crypt of the Valley of the Fallen.

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