Remaining in a Sentence

How to use the word Remaining in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Remaining.

Examples of Remaining in a sentence

1 – The remaining 20% ??of acetylene production is used mainly for the cutting of oxyacetylene, heat treatment and welding.

2 – Two bags failed due to ischemia, but the clinical results in the remaining seven patients are indistinguishable from the younger patients in the series.

3 – Remaining loyal to the Union, he placed his Louisville & Nashville Bailroad at the disposal of federal forces.

4 – If the number of messages in your In Box exceeds ten (10), remaining messages appear on subsequent pages.

5 – No subperiosteal abscess was detected in the remaining 9 patients with proven soft tissue infection.

6 – The only remaining breeding population is in the Adelaide Zoo.

7 – He promised to refrain from smoking, chewing and desecrating while remaining a member.

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