Use Religious in a Sentence, How to use “Religious” in a sentence


Use Religious in a sentence. How to use the word Religious in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Religious.

Use Religious in a Sentence

Examples of Religious in a sentence

  1. The tone was then established by conservative commentator and unsuccessful presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, who predicted a cultural and religious war.
  2. Jayadeva; a Sanskrit poet of the late 12th century, was the author of the Gita Covinda, the most celebrated religious lyric of India.
  3. Kamo no Mabuchi, Japanese writer and religious teacher: b. 1697?; d. 1769.
  4. With relatively simple political and religious institutions.
  5. The Gita, a long narrative poem, contains 24 songs that are a blend of religious fervor and erotic imagery.
  6. It is the lineage that is likely to control the property, especially the land, that an individual has the right merely to use; it may own the house in which he lives; it is likely to own and manage the religious shrines and conduct the rituals in which its members participate; and it is likely to exert great influence in the seleetion of marriage partners for its members.
  7. In that period the Christian communities were governed through their church organizations, because the Ottoman government recognized religious rather than national affiliation.
  8. In town and countryside Egyptian Muslims are organized into brotherhoods (tariqas), most of which were founded by religious teachers or seholars noted for their piety and wisdom.
  9. The other was the traditional, religious system, with roots reaching back to the beginnings of Muslim-Egyptian history.
  10. The basic problem is the moral or religious one relating to the rights of the fetus.
  11. At one extreme is the fear of weakening the sanctity attached to human life and the appeal to ancient religious tradition.
  12. This side bases its case on the argument that religious prohibition has never found effective popular acceptance; that abortion is often the best solution of a human dilemma; and that liberty of conscience must prevail in an area of moral debate.
  13. The latter objection reverts to the basic philosophical or religious position that the fetus is a person who must be considered.
  14. Abrahamites, was the name of two religious sects.
  15. They identified themselves as followers of Jan Hus, but accepted no religious doctrine beyond the unity of God, and nothing of the Bible but the Ten Commandments and the Lord’s Prayer.
  16. Though not normally seen, the ancestors are influential in the affairs of the lineage, and the group may, therefore, be thought of as a religious group.
  17. There are priests, diviners of the future, rainmakers, and other curers and wonder-workers, but they are usually just members of the lineage or community who have acquired special religious skills.
  18. By the 4th century, Christianity had gained a dominant position in the religious life of North Africa as far west as Carthage and particularly in the lower Nile region.
  19. The religious have even faced the Vatican, which has already given its approval to the intentions of the Spanish Executive.
  20. Through its sensuality, the poem reflects the religious mood of the emerging devotional cults, which held that the path to salvation lies in abandoning one’s self in the presence of God, the embodiment of love.
  21. The numbers are fairly consistent across demographics, with the biggest deciding factor, more than age or political views, being how religious you are.

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