Use Relief in a Sentence, How to use “Relief” in a sentence


Use Relief in a sentence. How to use the word Relief in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Relief. Sentence for Relief.

Use Relief in a Sentence - How to use "Relief" in a sentence


Examples of relief in a sentence

  1. The Assyrians brought relief to the kingdom of Israel.
  2. A large measure of relief may thus be effected without resort to drugs.
  3. Expert diagnosis and detection of the real cause usually brings relief.
  4. The law states that they can administer inner relief; It is possible that they do not touch the external relief!
  5. Obviously, without the interruption and relief of the arpeggio contrast, the accompaniment could never have kept its biting vitality fresh.
  6. Penalty as a reaction to crime was created due to culture and evolved due to cultural development and evolution, and the relief of punishment is the direct impulse to cultural progress.
  7. He felt terror, relief, perplexity and the consequent inability to plan anything.
  8. The tax relief postpones various tax filing and payment deadlines that occurred on or after Aug. 26.
  9. Within the county’s area of 1,957 square miles, the main relief regions are:
  10. There is little relief, little respite, and he is almost entirely deprived of bodily exercise.
  11. The opinion that Necho marched to the Euphrates to the relief of Nineveh seems to me quite untenable.
  12. It is a portrait in profile, quite different from the only other relief of a Babylonian king which has come down to us (I. 302); quite different also from the delineations of the Assyrian kings.
  13. In the next year Hophrah’s army marched to the relief of Jerusalem, which held out stubbornly.
  14. ‘ I’ve promised fifty to the War Relief Association by autumn, and if my fingers don’t get stiff I can easily do them.’
  15. The dinner lasted, it seemed, for hours, and you may imagine my relief when at last Mrs. Vanderbridge rose and led the way back into the drawing-room.

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