Use Relations in a Sentence


Use Relations in a sentence. How to use the word Relations in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Relations.

Definition of Relations

Examples of Relations in a sentence

***¬†Henry, bewildered, replied weakly that he had not had carnal relations with Anne’s mother.

*** As relations with the Soviet Union deteriorated, Western areas began to look like a potential ally against Soviet expansion.


*** In return he granted Britain control of Afghanistan’s foreign relations.

*** In the latter year he went to Oxford as professor of international relations, remaining until 1944.

*** In World War II Zimmern was deputy director of research at the Foreign Office and adviser on information and external relations to the Ministry of Education.

*** He incurred the enmity of Cardinal Richelieu for attacks on his foreign policy, and his continued relations with Jansen.


*** This obligates him to maintain the maxiraum standard of good faith, honesty, and fidelity in ali of his relations with the client.

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