Use Relations in a Sentence, How to use “Relations” in a sentence


Use Relations in a sentence. How to use the word Relations in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Relations. Sentence for Relations.

Use Relations in a Sentence - How to use "Relations" in a sentence

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Examples of Relations in a sentence

  1. Henry, bewildered, replied weakly that he had not had carnal relations with Anne’s mother.
  2. The couple’s relations with the press, which had begun well, quickly became sour.
  3. Relations between the two governments remained quite cordial.
  4. There have been positive developments in international relations.
  5. Relations between the former enemies are slowly normalizing Now that hostilities have ceased.
  6. The two governments are trying to normalize relations, Now that the conflict has been resolved.
  7. As relations with the Soviet Union deteriorated, Western areas began to look like a potential ally against Soviet expansion.
  8. In return he granted Britain control of Afghanistan’s foreign relations.
  9. In the latter year he went to Oxford as professor of international relations, remaining until 1944.
  10. In World War II Zimmern was deputy director of research at the Foreign Office and adviser on information and external relations to the Ministry of Education.
  11. He incurred the enmity of Cardinal Richelieu for attacks on his foreign policy, and his continued relations with Jansen.
  12. This obligates him to maintain the maxiraum standard of good faith, honesty, and fidelity in ali of his relations with the client.
  13. Britain is seeking to normalize relations with its former colony Now that the battle for independence is over.
  14. Members of DOJ’s civil rights Division and Community Relations Services are already on the ground in Charleston.
  15. The one may be intricate, involving many facts, and requiring to be examined in many aspects and relations.
  16. But he looks at but few of these facts and regards but few of these relations at a time.
  17. You must habituate yourself to look at the moral and religious aspects and relations of all that you see and hear.
  18. Every restless and desperate spirit, every depraved victim of vice, every fugitive and outlaw would be ready to embark in such a scheme, which was to create certainly a new phase in their relations to society, and thus afford them an opportunity to make a fresh beginning.


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