Use Regression in a Sentence & How to use “Regression” in a sentence


Use Regression in a sentence. How to use the word Regression in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Regression.

use regression in a sentence


Examples of Regression in a sentence

  1. This can cause regression in the learning process of a student.
  2. Respiratory symptoms were analyzed by multiple logistic regression and standard deviation scores of lung function by multiple linear regression.
  3. The regression itself took place at Joyce’s second visit; the first was used to teach him deep relaxation.
  4. Children oscillate between regression and progression.
  5. And these kindergarten programs may seem like a regression from full-day preschool programs.
  6. We chose linear regression to describe global changes in mean sperm concentrations, but other statistical models have also been tried.
  7. What he proposes is the regression to time zero.
  8. Regression therapy may also involve taking a patient back to the uterus.
  9. When the regression ended, Donald expressed amazement at what had been revealed.
  10. Logistic regression models were used to determine which variables significantly and independently could predict bacterial pneumonia and adjust for possible confounding factors.
  11. Table V shows the results of the stepwise multiple linear regression analysis of the outcome variables of ventilated newborns.
  12. The use of multiple logistic regression allowed the selection of the most useful clinical signs that are predictive of hypoxemia.
  13. We can use multiple regression analysis to discover the relative influence of these factors on perceptions.
  14. Linear regression, for example, requires that all data be collected in advance and then processed all at once.
  15. When this was faced and treated under regression therapy, the whole situation was resolved, including spasm of the shoulder.
  16. The multivariate analysis was carried out by unconditional logistic regression analysis.
  17. The regression analysis indicates that 50 percent of the variance is explained by these variables.
  18. The symptoms are periodic regression periods: they fall on all fours, bark, before their apartments.
  19. There are also some patients who do wonderful topics for hypnotic therapy but can not relax enough for regression.
  20. Naturally, this is not the case in the case of regression therapy.


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