Use Regent in a Sentence, How to use “Regent” in a sentence


Use Regent in a sentence. How to use the word Regent in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Regent. Sentence for Regent.

Use Regent in a Sentence - How to use "Regent" in a sentence


Examples of Regent in a sentence

  1. Damaskinos became regent in the King’s place.
  2. Polycrates had left the most trusted of his dependents, Maeandrius, as regent during his absence.
  3. The establishment of Assurnadin as regent of Babylonia by Sennacherib did not take place till Merodach Baladan was driven out of Bit Yakin.
  4. So the name of Constantine became a synonym for orderly government, loyalty to his person was identified with the principle of liberty, and the people who had never regarded Alexander as anything more than a regent, who cried after the departing monarch from the shore at Oropus: “You shall come back to us soon,” hailed the return to normality as presaging the return of the legitimate sovereign as well as of a legal Constitution.
  5. There was another Smerdis in Susa, the Persian capital, who was a magian–that is, a sort of priest–in whose hands, as regent, Cambyses had left the government while he was absent on his campaigns.
  6. Artemisia, though in history called a queen, was, in reality, more properly a regent, as she governed in the name of her son, who was yet a child.
  7. It will be recollected that Robert, when he left Normandy in setting out on his pilgrimage, had appointed a nobleman named Alan to act as regent, or governor of the country, until he should return; or, in case he should never return, until William should become of age.
  8. Even before Joel, at the time when the high-priest Jehoiada was regent for king Joash in Judah (II. 259), urged the nation to repentance and introspection, the hand of a prophet had united those two texts.
  9. Both also, like the summary account on the slabs of the bulls, pass over the setting up of Belibus as regent, no doubt because this regency was no longer in existence when they were written.

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