Use Refugees in a Sentence – How to use “Refugees” in a sentence


Use Refugees in a sentence. How to use the word Refugees in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Refugees. Sentence for Refugees.

Use Refugees in a Sentence - How to use "Refugees" in a sentence

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Examples of refugees in a sentence

  1. The refugees made themselves felt as unwelcome guests in the country.
  2. Yemen has received close to Half a million refugees since 2006.
  3. She has travelled from places to place meeting with refugees and helping them in private.
  4. The province says it’s waiting to hear from Ottawa on when the refugees will start arriving.
  5. After the accident, we moved from one shelter to another and started cutting hair for the other refugees.
  6. There has been a steady decline in the number of refugees coming from Eastern Europe Now that the situation has stabilized there.
  7. The news of the movement of the two armies spread throughout the country, carried by hundreds of refugees and messengers, and all Italy, looking on with suspense and anxiety, awaited the result.
  8. Besides the men under arms, there were crowds of destitute refugees from Turkey, Bulgaria and Servia to be provided for, and the native population, owing to the rise in the cost of living and to unemployment, also stood in urgent need of relief.
  9. It would enable them, when the terrible conflict should come on, to drive back any wretched refugees who might attempt to escape from destruction by seeking the shore.


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